Our Mission Statement

"Prime Home DDS, is committed to improving the way our community cares for people with developmental disabilities and their families, by providing a nurturing and integrated continuum of care in a family based setting."


Our Commitment

To assist individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in self-determination and community integration through meaningful relationships and experiences.

Prime Home DDS offers various Residential and Day Habilitation services to better meet the needs of an individual: Extended Family Homes (EFH), Day Habilitation, Community Inclusion, Integrated Community Employment and Crisis Intervention Services.



About Us

Prime Home DDS is a Nebraska DHHS certified provider of specialized community based programs and services for people with developmental disabilities, offering extended family home placements and individualized habilitation programs to increase the skills and independence of people with developmental disabilities.

Through coordination with families, case workers, school representatives, and health care providers, PHDDS seeks to be the catalyst to providing an exceptional level of service to people and their families dealing with the challenges of developmental disabilities.


Contact us for more information about our services and our role in the community. 402-932-0072 or click here to send us an email.


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