Day Habilitation Service Options

At Prime Home DDS our philosophy is to provide true Person Centered Services for individuals of all skill and ability levels.  We have created an approach to services that offers options for individuals with varying needs and strengths in an effort to allow for personal choice with daily programming.

Milestones is a Day Service site that truly works with all ability levels, providing care for individuals that are completely dependent on staff assistance to individuals working to obtain competitive employment in the community. By definition a milestone is an action or event that marks a significant change or stage in development. We felt naming our Day Service site Milestones reflected our goals for working with people to assist them with personal development. This program is a division of Prime Home DDS that will focus on individual strengths and preferences in a warm, inviting and well maintained environment that encourages individual choice with regards to daily activities and programming.

Opportunities is a day services program that is designed to support individuals with a developmental or intellectual disability and also experience behavioral issues due to a mental health diagnosis.  Opportunities is designed to provide individualized services for those that struggle in larger day services settings. 

Opportunities is focused on assessment and management of maladaptive behaviors so individuals can participate in day to day activities based in the community by offering meaningful experiences through socialization, volunteer work and in some cases community employment.